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Creamy cauliflower, pear and blue cheese soup topped with chopped walnuts and ground black pepper

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The Waitrose snobbery/property price index

Waitrose 1904 - First shop opened in Acton Hill, London, by Wallace Waite, Arthur Rose and David Taylor

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Ben Horsley on

British supermarkets. The truth.

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Clematis 'Princess Kate'. New dainty flowered clematis, on quite a big plant. Part shade. June to Sept 1m x 3.5m

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Hebe 'Youngii' - A compact, spreading, evergreen shrub which is smothered in short spikes of large violet flowers all summer, that gradually fade to white. The tiny leaves are dark green and glossy and often have fine red margins. Its spreading habit makes it ideal for rock gardens, or try it planted en-masse along a path or driveway. Like most hebes, it will flourish in a range of conditions, and once established, it is drought-tolerant, too. The flowers are a magnet for bees and…

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Lived in Byres Road in the Sixties used to go the The Byre Pub used to be in the Reo Stakis Steakhouse on Byres Road. Back in the good old days when I was at Glasgow University. Best dam institute of learning in the world.

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This highly scented evergreen Daphne odora will add winter interest to your garden

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Erigeron karvinskianus 'Mexican fleabane' Masses of small daisies, emerging white, then turning pink, with yellow centres, give this plant an unusual, two-tone effect. It has a long flowering period, from May to October, and is amazingly versatile, being low-growing, happy in su sun or partial shade and thriving in any well-drained soil. It's also tolerant of coastal conditions. Try it as an edging plant in a mixed border, alongside paths, in a gravel garden or spilling over walls.

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Great Arthur House, Golden Lane Estate - Beautiful.

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Mytton Williams created this brochure for Waitrose. Using a very unique illustrative style to portray waitrose. Even though the style is quite messy and playful it still looks professional. This style of graphics is much more aesthetically pleasing and people will be able to relate to it as its not the predicted perfect photographs but instead a fun approach on imagery of food.

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