According to Chef Paul Wahlberg, "The Melt" is "a really flavorful bite for the summer.” Here's how to make it.

How to Make 'The Melt,' Also Known as Summer’s Best Burger

According to Chef Paul Wahlberg, "The Melt" is "a really flavorful bite for the summer.

alma wahlberg spaghetti sauce recipe | Debbie's Favorite: Ma's Mac & Cheese

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The Wahlberg's Macaroni Salad  From Food & Wine magazine,  I doubt Mark Wahlberg ate this macaroni salad to get into such sick shape to play champion boxer Micky Ward in his film The Fighter.  Mark says that no one makes the dish as well as their mother, Alma. But you can try by making their recipe for yourself! Or go to Paul’s cool new Mediterranean-Italian restaurant, Alma Nove in Hingham, Massachusetts, where the macaroni salad is on his menu at his brother’s request.

The Wahlberg's Macaroni Salad

With a side of Donny Wahlberg Please :) The Wahlberg's Macaroni Salad. Photo by Andi of Longmeadow Farm

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Mark's Favorite Lasagna

Mark's Favorite, Donnie's and all the Wahlberg kids favorite dishes from their mama Alma Wahlberg!