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Wag Definition

These are accurate and differ from dog tail speak. Cat communication is usually subtle (unless theyre ripping off your face or running up your leg - lol).


James and Lily on their first date and Lily can’t seem to understand why James gets pissed off when he sees a black stray dog sitting outside ‘The Three Broomsticks’ wagging his tail


Actually it's what changed my life - I changed everything around me and work at home now because the loves of my life are here and the only 'people' I want to be around 24/7. This is work/life balance for me and I only wish I had done it sooner. Re-jig/renegotiate job roles so that it allows you to work from home instead of having to go into work elsewhere. There ARE ways around things, you just need to find them :)


I turned my head. She was walking away. I tried to bark. Nothing came out. She just kept walking away: not sad, no tears, just definite. She was so definite, as if to say, “No reason to stay.” I had no bark left, but I still see her as she left, her perfect tail wagging and disappearing into the sunset — never to return.

from Berry

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The Fresh Prince. The only time the word SWAG can actually be applied. WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE.