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Seriously though << Legit thoooo. People say Deadpool is way too Rated R. Like, "Nawwww, bitch, your life is too Rated R!"

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I don't know much about Deadpool at all, and yet, all of this makes me love him, despite not having read any of the comics or watched the new movie

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The four looked in front of them to see a table with a variety of guns and knives, a mobile and a laptop on top of it. As Stephanie moved forward to pick up a gun from the table however Maxx’s arm stopped her. She turned to look at the boy with a confused glare, he simply put a finger to his lips to tell her to be quiet, before putting the same finger to his ear, telling her to listen. All of them remained quiet, they could all clearly heard footsteps approaching (Chapter 4)

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