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from Spoon Graphics

25 Tutorials for Getting Started with your Wacom Tablet

1. Locate your Wacom in the store. 2. Scoop up the box and look like you will cut someone if they try to take it from your vise gripped hands. 3. Purchase your wacom. 4. Go home and open the box. 5. Hook it up while praying to the God of Good Geeks everywhere. 6. Do this tutorial.


Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small Graphics Tablet Wacom


Digital Art by Charlie BowaterCharlie Bowater born in 1988 is a self taught digital artist from North East, UK and work as a Senior Concept Artist at Atomhawk Design. Follow her Tumblr and find her...


Wacom Intuos Pen Graphics Tablet Wacom

from TechRadar

Wacom Intuos5 Touch Medium review

Wacom Intuos5 Touch Medium review | Wacom's new Intuos5 looks almost identical to it's predecessor, although it now boasts a matte black finish, instead of the shiny plastic of the Intuos4. Reviews | TechRadar

Digital Art for Beginners is a 25-part video tutorial series demonstrating everything you will need to know to start producing digital art in Photoshop.