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An important group we serve is our Military Veterans! Check out our blog to learn about how the #LifeChest happily donated 55 stunning #LifeChests to the brave members of the Chapter 9 VVA in Detroit for Veteran’s Day. #TheLifeChest #memorybox #memorychest #troops #veterans #armedforces #neverforget #RememberOurVeterans #USA #America #UnitedStates

Donating clothing, toys, and household items to the VVA helps veterans and their families. Scheduling a donation pick up in your area is free and easy

Donate your gently used clothes, shoes, small appliances and other household items. The revenue generated goes to help all veterans.


Should you donate this or dump this? | Vote on things to donate to the VVA or just bring to the dumpster. | VVA picks up donations from your home.

It’s easy to donate gently used clothes and household goods to VVA Redirector by scheduling a free home pickup! Will you support them too?

They come to your home, FOR FREE, and lug off all the stuff you weed out of your clutter. Totally convenient, you don't even have to be home, they'll pick it up from your back yard! "Donate clothes, furniture, toys, & other household items to the Vietnam Veterans of America through a convenient donation pick up at your home. While other charity services require you to drop off your donations or schedule pickup weeks in advance, we can pick up your donation within 24 hours in most…