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GOP infighting over ObamaCare could spill over into 2014 elections - The Hill's Ballot Box If the GOP doesn't get rid of obamacare they won't have to worry about the 2014 elections.  We'll run our own candidates!

Eyeing GOP grassroots, Senate candidates embrace shutdown threat - The Hill's Ballot Box

Sounds like a 2016 campaign poster: "Irrational. Unpatriotic. He's your man! Trump." Respected VP candidate Tim Kaine summarizes it all, during a recent interview.

Tim Kaine: Putin praise shows Trump's "irrational hostility" to Obama

Sounds like a 2016 campaign poster: "Irrational." Respected VP candidate Tim Kaine summarizes it all, during a recent interview.

Cybersquatter transfigures Clintons possible VP candidates as Harry Potter characters

State Department reopens Clinton email probe that paused for FBI investigation

The Koch Brothers Group spent $122M in 2012, in their efforts to "buy" our elected leaders, (funds that could otherwise be used to pay their taxes)!  Since "affordability" doesn't seem to be the issue, what is the issue then?  Could it be hate?

Dem super-PAC ad pushes back against Koch brothers

Will Clinton choose Elizabeth Warren as VP candidate?

Elizabeth Warren Would Be More Than a VP Pick. She’d Be a Pander We Can Believe In.

Elizabeth Warren: "‪ must be more than a hashtag or trending topic every time a tragedy happens. We must all come together to make it true.": The senator said tensions between police and minorities are an "ugly reality" that must be fixed.

VP Candidates To Debate In Virginia Town As Campaigns Court Rural Vote

VP Candidates To Debate In Virginia Town As Campaigns Court Rural Vote

Get caught up on Kaine-Pence right here. The post Miss Last Night's VP Debate? Here's the Full Video appeared first on WIRED .

VP candidate Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, are mourning the loss of their Beagle, Maverick.

Pet Scoop: VP Candidates Dog Dies at 13 Feisty Kitten Rescued From Cars Fender topntom

Recompense. Mike Pence, the IN Governor was selected as 2016 GOP VP candidate today. The decision came within hours before his deadline to file paperwork to run for re-election in his home state, where he was in a tight race for the second time. The pick of the Tea Party pioneer was hailed as by many, even as reports surfaced that his selection was uncertain by the party ticket's presumptive pick, last night.

Donald Trump selects Mike Pence as VP - CNNPolitics

Trump aims to win over GOP with Pence pick

Dana Bash, VP powerful nod by Donald Trump, Presidential candidate 2016. Ms. Bash makes a great choice for VP by TRUMP. She's a highly respected women, political and foreign policy expert at just 44 years old. Dana Bash, the well known CNN, Chief Washington DC Correspondent has valuable contacts both foreign and domestic says James Dean @ www.AStockTip.com

CNN Anchor and Chief Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash, one of the 50 Most Powerful Moms of 2014