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Build & Price | Volvo Cars 2016 CX90


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from Exame

Uber lança serviço de carros sem motorista nos EUA

Carro autônomos da Uber, um Volvo CX90

from Mail Online

Uber to use autonomous cars to haul people in next few weeks

Ride-hailing service Uber says it will start hauling passengers with self-driving Volvo CX90 cars on the streets of Pittsburgh in next several weeks. But the company said they will also have back-up drivers.

Тестовый кроссовер Вольво СХ90 (Volvo CX90) с автономным управлением Volvo планирует автономно управляемые автомобили к 2021 году бросая вызов BMW | Новости автомира на


Protect the value of your car! Protect your back/bench seats/bench from dogs, heavy, and sharp items. Volvo XC90 Upcoming 2014