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The Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)

PROHIBITION | Social movements spawned by the Progressive Era lead to the Volstead Act. Women saw alcohol as the eroding factor in the family unit. The amendment worked at first but enforcement proved difficult. Open rebellion became popular and gave rise to violence and organized crime. Gangsters like Al Capone rose up from prohibition by giving the people what they wanted: alcohol.

Letter concerning the transportation of liquor from California to Washington. Record Group 56 Records of the Department of Justice, Bureau of Prohibition National Archives and Records Administration ARC Identifier: 298430

The Volstead Act Record Group 11 General Records of the United States Government National Archives and Records Administration ARC Identifier: 299827

The Volstead Act Makes America a Dry Country - A Brief History On October 28, 1919, The U.S. Congress passed the Volstead Act over President Woodrow Wilson’s veto, paving the way for Prohibition to begin the following January and setting the stage for the eventual production of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Digging Deeper Without the... - - #BioardwalkEmpire, #CrackedHistory, #HBO, #Prohibition, #Temp


Judiciary Chairman Andrew Volstead of Minnesota