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Volleyball net height

@lindseypressler look at the height difference. This is perfect and even the positions are right.

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Increase your vertical jump height by up to 10 inches in just 10 weeks for effective volleyball attacks at the net. Vertical Explosion Training Program

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• Ideal for passing or setting • Adjustable pole height, up to 12 feet • Target ring measures 30 inches • Sturdy net collects balls for eas | Midwest Volleyball Warehouse

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I did this one time, and the net is supposed to be at the top of my reach, and this on was so low I could grab it with my hand. It was helpful for my shorter teammates... and unfotrunately helpfun for the other team's 6' tall middle hitter... I was like whoa??

Hays: Terps' Hawkins turns into top player

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22 Sweaty Memories You'll Never Forget As A Volleyball Player

The moment you accepted your height may never change: 22 Sweaty Memories You'll Never Forget As A Volleyball Player

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Destinee Hooker is Ivy's favorite player. She looks up to Destinee, who is now on the USA volleyball team. Check out her vertical jump!

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How to Excel at the Libero Position in Volleyball

Some may argue this point, but the catcher might just have the most dynamic position on a softball team. She has more jobs than any other player -- giving...