braid pony tail

11 Everyday Hairstyles for French Braid

Like this with the braid in the ponytail too

Prepare for fireworks. Thanks to sultry braids, twists, and knots, these sizzling summer styles aren't your average ponytail

40 super cute and easy hairstyle tutorials that are quick and easy to follow. Almost 40 tutorials to help get great look for hairs.

Braids are the to-go hairstyle for any occasion. Casual day-to-day school or work calls for a comfortable hairstyle that enables you to do anything at ease and there are braided hairstyles that will keep you cool and confident to do those activities on a

I would love it if someone could do this to my hair. wink. wink. volleyball hair/ brown hair/ bun

Fishtail french braid, this is gorgeous! Did this one on my friend the other day! French braid the hair but cross twostrands rather than 3