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Daredevil photographers brave boiling waters to capture the drama of searing-hot lava crashing into the seas off Hawaii

In 1600 the Greek city of Crete ~ was hit hard by a massive volcano. The volcano threw up ash covering cities and ruining crops. They may have been the end of the Minoan civilization.

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Volcano from space

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Weather pictures of the year 2011: lightning, auroras, snow and ice

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Weather pictures of the year 2011: lightning, auroras, snow and ice

Best weather pictures of the year: lightning, auroras, snow and ice. Volcanic lightning bolts form in the ash plume during the eruption of the volcano in southern Chile

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Awesome Eruption From Space. You don't see one of those every day, eh? Cool

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Did you know that Geodes were formed by Ancient Volcanoes?

Erupting volcano - Most of the geodes that we find today were actually created when ancient Volcanoes erupted! As the lava cooled, air bubbles became trapped inside creating empty pockets. Over millions of years these pockets filled with the minerals which hardened into the beautiful crystal treasure we find today!

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Volcanoes #infographic #Travel #Earth

Top 10 Most Dangerous Volcanoes #infographic

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