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Volcano Grill with Heat Deflector Plate

Here is an interesting new way to cook potatoes. These are Volcano Potatoes. I parbaked potatoes, hollowed them out, stuffed them, wrap...

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Decisions, decisions, decisions. When grilling, it’s pleasant to have the luxury of options. Propane, wood or charcoal. Each medium provides a different flavor profile to whatever is getting grilled and if you’re of the indecisive persuasion, the Volcano Portable Camping Stove is the answer you’ve been waiting to discover.In case you haven’t gotten the hint yet, yes this stove is comparable with all three fuel sources thanks to a connecting valve that hooks up to a standard 20-pound propane…

Volcano Grills Portable Camping Stove

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Volcano collapsable grill/stove. Versatile cooking methods and fuels. Can use wood, charcoal, or propane with the attachment; can dutch oven, grill, wok, skillet, stick cook or bake with the oven lid.

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