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Creative Twinning – Part Two

Suffolk Puffs textured surface pattern creation; fabric manipulation idea; creative textiles // Ruth Singer

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Incredible Fire Inspired Digital Art

His laughter rumbled like thunder as he struggled to rise. "It matters not what happens to me. My Dark Master, Lord of the Night arises, and there is nothing you can do to stop him." ~Wendy Hamlet (B5: Rise of the Phoenix) (Fire Drake by sansyu)

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I Lava You - Cute Erupting Heart Volcano Pun Cross Stitch PDF Pattern Instant Download

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Volcano Digital - Easy Valve. This version is equipped with the new innovative EASY VALVE Starter Set, which features an optimized filling chamber. Valve balloons and mouthpieces are maintenance-free and always connected ready to use. The advantage of the Volcano Digit lies in its large LED display, which immediately and precisely informs the user of the operating status. The Volcano Digit communicates better with the user and its electronic control system works even more precisely than…