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from Etsy

I Lava You - Cute Erupting Heart Volcano Pun Cross Stitch PDF Pattern Instant Download

from nenuno creative

Incredible Fire Inspired Digital Art

His laughter rumbled like thunder as he struggled to rise. "It matters not what happens to me. My Dark Master, Lord of the Night arises, and there is nothing you can do to stop him." ~Wendy Hamlet (B5: Rise of the Phoenix) (Fire Drake by sansyu)


'Elements - Fire' by *CassiopeiaArt Digital Art / Photomanipulation "I'm currently working on an element series and so far a couple of them are done. The model for this project is ~Vapala (my sister). This is Fire - I was looking through my stock library for ideas for the Earth element when i stumbled across my solidified lava shots and thought, hey, they can be warm and firey! So I started working on Fire instead and this is the result."

from Nomad'er How Far

Budget Travel Will Turn You Into An Adventurer

Travelling on such a small budget will force you to make crazy decisions that you might never have made if you could afford the comfortable alternative.