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How To Fix A Hoarse Voice With Unique Speech Exercises- There are many reasons for having a hoarse voice such as: speaking loudly, singing with inadequate technique or, maybe being exposed to negative environmental conditions. So, heal your voice with proper natural treatment provided by The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair. We can help restore and improve your voice, as well as treat/cure your voice/vocal disorder using non-conventional voice therapy.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Cup Bubbles for Kids Voice Therapy uses Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Exercises to help train voice use without the use of "pressing" the vocal folds. It is intended to help children on your caseload with nodules, polyps and vocal overuse patterns improve speech and voicing. More


This website provides different types of "noise level charts" that can be printed off. This is great for the visual learners, so they can actually see what level the class or individual's noise level may be at throughout the day.


FREE!! This resource is a companion to the picture book "Decibella and her 6-inch Voice" by Julia Cook. Included is a voice volume chart that corresponds to the details in the book, as well as a back to school activity. The students will identify which voice volumes are best during a variety of activities.