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Christmas pudding vodka

Christmas pudding vodka - I made this a few years back and it was a massive hit. Now is the time to make it again!


Great Adult treat for your 4th or July party. Vodka soaked fruit. I used passion fruit flavored vodka because it had the best flavor. You can also use the left over vodka at the end to make a yummy fruity drink. Enjoy!


Fruity teacake

Fruity teacake. Perfect with a reviving cuppa, this cake is a keeper and will happily sit in a tin for a week or so


Vodka popsicles, mojito snow cones and bourbon milkshakes: The adults only frozen treats taking over New York City bars

Boozy Popsicle. The frozen fruit puree treat from executive chef Anthony Zamora is dipped in prosecco and served in a prosecco-filled wine goblet. The summery flavors include white peach, blood orange, mango, strawberry, and mojito.


vodka-soaked watermelon aka "Drunken Watermelon"! Ingredients: 1 bottle of Vodka (One 1.14 litre bottle) {really an alcohol} 1 Watermelon (Large) Instructions: Cut a hole into the top of the watermelon. Put the vodka into the hole and let it soak in the watermelon overnight. Cut the top off the watermelon and get ready to be hammered. I'm doing this for 4th of July - festive!!


Boozy damsons – what to do with gin/vodka/brandy/whisky soaked damsons

If you’ve made Damson Gin/Brandy/Vodka/Whisky by steeping damsons in spirit for a few months since late Summer, you may be wondering what to do with those alco-soaked fruits after you’ve strained t...