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30 shots in full color. #Whiskey, #Vodka, #Gin, Tequila
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The Colorful World of Shots

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Porto Alegre RS

Chalkboard Print -Kitchen Art-Chalkboard Alcohol Beverage -Shots Menu-Bar-Shots Recipes-Drinks-Cocktails Recipes Print 8 x 10" No.270

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13 Vodka Shots You'll Actually Want To Take

Birthday Cake Shots | 13 Vodka Shots You'll Actually Want To Take More

Halloween is approaching and we've got the perfect drink recipe for your party! Trick and treat your friends with these Baileys vampire themed shots. Purée 1 cup raspberries and 2 tablespoons sugar in a blender until smooth. In a shaker with ice, mix 1 oz Baileys and .5 oz vodka for each shot. To assemble, just pour 1-2 teaspoons of raspberry purée into each shot glass, fill the remainder with the Baileys and vodka mix and garnish the edge with chocolate syrup. Cheers to a fun halloween!


Toffee Vodka - why not you need more drinking at Christmas. Yum.

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You Must Make This Pink Starburst Shot for Halloween Pregaming

This drink tastes exactly like your favorite candy and is a perfect starter for a great night.

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Nutella Vodka Shots

Creamy Nutella Vodka - You won’t need an excuse to road test this delicious Creamy Nutella Vodka Cocktail. It doesn’t get easier or more delicious. Check out the Video link below too. 3/4 Cup Nutella 1/2 Cup Sugar 1 1/4 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream 2 Cups Vodka Whipped Cream Garnish with a strawberry Creamy Nut