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Watermelon vodka jelly shots

If you're throwing a summer party these are sure to be a big hit! Cut into wedges and pass round

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Fuzzy Melon

Fuzzy Melon (3 oz Vodka 1 oz Peach Schnapps 1 oz Watermelon Liqueur 3 oz Orange Juice 1 oz Pineapple Juice)

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There’s everything to love about watermelon. A simple summer treat. A frosty beverage with vodka. And now: the prettiest dessert you’ll see this year. Wish I’d had this in time for our neighborhood Fourth of July party! I love the supreme Gluten-Free nature of this cake, too. Watermelon “Cake” Ingredients: - 1 …

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Tokyo Iced Tea cocktail Recipe: - 2 cl Vodka - 2 cl Light Rum - 2 cl Gin - 2 cl Tequila - 2 cl Midori/ De Kuyper Melon Liqueur - 2 cl Fresh Lemon Juice - 1 ck Sugar Syrup - Top Sprite Glass: Highball Ice: Cubed Garnish: Lemon wedge

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Midori Cosmopolitan ~ Midori 30ml(1oz) Lemon Flavor Vodka 30ml(1oz) Cranberry Juice 30m(1oz) Lemon Juice 15ml(1/2oz)

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Prosecco Cocktails

Using mint: Place the leaves or sprig in one hand and gently smack it with the other — this warms up the mint slightly and starts to extract the oils before you use it to garnish your drink. | the kitchn

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Drunken Melon Balls Watermelon Cantaloupe Honeydew melon Vodka Pineapple Juice Peach Schnapps Tequila (opt) Use a melon ball scoop out the...

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