A quick - little prep vocabulary game that gets kids moving and making meaningful connections to important words www.classroomgamenook.blogspot.com

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Vocabulary Games- Pop Cards.pdf - Google Drive

Vocabulary game idea. Easily adaptable for one child - just stick one set of halves around the room and the child works through the other set, one at a time, finding its matching pair. Could make it timed challenge.

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Social Studies & History vocabulary games, Social Studies & History vocabulary puzzles - www.myvocabulary.com

In Splat!, a person calls out the definition/synonym/antonym/etc of a word, and the players have to splat the correct word first.

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Each group had a cup filled with ten review questions based on what we've learned in math this year. The students worked together to solve the questions one at a time. If they got the right answer, they got to go place one of their sticky notes on the board. (Each team had their own color.) I only gave them four sticky notes total. If...

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Spanish activities: This idea could be used to practice Spanish verbs - kids toss the ball to each other and act out the verb their thumb is touching. Spanish vocabulary could include: saltar, sentarse, correr, llorar, cantar, bostezar, bailar, etc. http://theorganizedclassroomblog.com/index.php/ocb-store/view_document/216-beach-theme-activities-sampler-pack

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