Lenin with His Cat, Speaking to an American Journalist in the Kremlin, 1920

Lenin with His Cat, Speaking to an American Journalist in the Kremlin, 1920 [468x631]

Lenin/Lénine with his cat, speaking to an American journalist in the Kremlin, 1920 That cat probably ended up rat catching in Lyubyanka. Nothing like a first class sociopath to make your nine lives iffy.

1917 Russian Revolution painting by Vladimir Serov - "V. I. Lenin Proclaims Soviet Power"

1917 Russia Revolution - Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik Party, addresses a crowd of revolting soldiers, sailors, and workers in Petrograd.

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Vladimir Lenin's Last Photo: Taken in Gorki after May He had had three strokes at this point and was completely mute.

"We regard all wars which are the result of the rapacious ambitions of kings and capitalists as criminal, because they are fatal to the labouring classes and bring rich spoils to the ruling bourgeoisie". Vladimir Lenin Speech At A Meeting In The Alexeyev People’s House August 23, 1918 Brief Newspaper Report Read https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1918/aug/23.htm ‪#‎wars‬ ‪#‎capitalism‬ ‪#‎labouringclasses‬ ‪#‎kings‬ ‪#‎bourgeoisie‬ ‪#‎Lenin‬ ‪#‎speech‬

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October 1917: Russian Revolution by WorldofArun, via Flickr

Human thought by its nature is capable of giving, and does give, absolute truth, which is compounded of a sum-total of relative truths.

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austrianleninist: years ago, the great socialist October Revolution liberated the russian working class from the imperialist bourgeoisie rule. It was the first step to the dictatorship of the.

Vladimir Lenin - Russian revolutionary, then ruler of the USSR, got baptized into Orthodox Christianity but later renounced his belief in god. (Hidden Hand Masonic symbolism)

" Vladimir Lenin, Jewish Mason who led the Communist overthrow of the Czar in Russia, gives the hidden sign of the men who worship the God, Jahbuhlun. Lenin and his cohorts established the Red Terror, the brutal massacre of tens of millions.

This hat. Also - that's Lenin!? Whoa! ("Portrait of Vladimir Lenin in disguise as factory worker K. P. Ivanov at Razliv station, August 1917. Photo by D. Leshchenko.")

Portrait of Vladimir Lenin in disguise as factory worker K. Ivanov at Razliv station, August Photo by D. Apparently comrade Lenin studied at the Clark Kent school of disguise.

Muita gente conhece Nadezhda simplesmente como a esposa de Lenin, mas ela era uma revolucionária bolchevique e política eleita. Ela esteve fortemente envolvida em uma variada gama de atividades políticas, incluindo o de ministra da Educação da União Soviética de 1929 até sua morte em 1939. Esteve engajada em vários movimentos pela educação. Depois da revolução, Nadezhda se dedicou a melhorar o acesso à educação de trabalhadores e camponeses.

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{Lenin's wife}Nadezhda Konstantinovna "Nadya" Krupskaya was a Bolshevik revolutionary and politician. She married the Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin in She was deputy minister (Comissar) of Education in Doctor of Education.