Neuro-Anatomy Eye Pathways and Corresponding VF Deficits - where was this when i needed it for the neuro test!

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Amblyopia is a neuro-developmental disorder of the visual cortex that arises from abnormal visual experience early in life. It is commonly described as a type of “lazy eye,” when one eye isn’t able...

These glasses tap into the brain’s visual cortex from behind, without using the eyes at all... which means if the eyes are damaged, this device could still work.

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Visual pathway, from the eye back to the visual cortex, in the occipital lobe, in the back of the brain.

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A new study out this week found that infants as young as four months old understand and process faces like adults do. The authors say that this suggests that the visual cortex in our brain is already highly structured and formed by the time we are born.

Conscious perception has little to do with primary visual cortex, research suggests

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Psychologists Link Emotion to Vividness of Perception and Creation of Vivid Memories - Psychologists overlaid images with visual noise to measure perception. After accounting for other features of images that contribute to perceptual vividness, such as contrast, color, and scene complexity, they found emotionally arousing images to be perceived more vividly, and thus contributing partly to more vivid memories of certain images later. Rebecca Todd, University of Toronto

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