I need myself a Taurus ❤️ lol

AHHHHHHH im a virgo and my GF is an Aquarius! i guess that guy in school who said we were the cutest couple in the school while she tied my shoe was right!

Virgo and Aquarius whats your compatibility? #virgocompatibility #virgoAquarius #virgoandAquarius #Aquariuscompatibility #Aquarius  #virgo

Virgo and Aquarius whats your compatibility?

This is so true for me and my girl :D

for Virgo? As a virgo (even though I don't fool around with that zodiac ish) I detest this statement.

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I make funny faces for kids all the time so I could be taurus, leo, and libra. But kids also love me so I guess Aquarius is perfect too.

when someone compliments the signs: also makes you a compliment  yeah i know right  has no clue what to say and just smiles awkwardly  blushes and thanks you

Cancer -- yeah that's totally me. I remember when a guy came up to me and told me I was pretty. All I did was say, "Okay" and go back to what I was doing.

Yes, I use complete sentences and proper puncuation and still manage to be fast.

I think I am quite fast, it just depends if I can write what I want to say out well enough, or if I get distracted or not. xDI also use proper grammar and full stops now, blame my friend xD