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Thanks to who ever kidnapped a kid in the state over! My phone went nuts and woke me up! I cant sleep and somebody has to pay for it!!!

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there's nothing wrong with trying to understand why

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horoscope meanings cancer - Google Search

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Virgo - yeah I even keep sweets at the side of my bed for cry times

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horoscope meanings cancer - Google Search

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Its true, i am damaged because of my childhood teachers and yet ive learned these years in high school that i have learned much from the past abuse.... #Aquarius ♒️

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I'm gemini and u don't know how good I am at hiding emotions

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The zodiac Signs at a party. Haha this is funny>>two things one of course the party starts when I walk in two not Libra Im after Sagittarius:)

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How the HELL can you talk about someone who has 300% anger and add 'lol' behind that. It's not funny.

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Zodiac - Aries my best friend is a Virgo.. exactly what he would scream lol

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