I like monroe, viper bites, and shark bitesss

Beautiful examples of lip piercings

Herbal Ayurvedic Cure Shown To Work Against Viper Bites | Popular Science

Russel Viper - Due to its irritable nature, it is responsible for more human fatalities than any other venomous snake. Within much of its range, this species is easily the most dangerous viper snake and a major cause of snakebite injury and mortality.

Lower Lip Spider Bites Piercing

Facial piercings are increasingly common nowadays, especially amongst younger people. There are many different types and one of the most popular is the spider bites piercing. It is called this due to the likeness to a wound caused by a spiders bite.

Viper Bite - Scotty Riefsnyder

Viper Bite by Scotty Riefsnyder for Old & New Project

Viper Bites Women Tattoo Ideas ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring piercings, lips, jewelry, makeup and accessories

Spider Bites Piercing are one of several different lip piercing styles. Learn about snake bites and how to care for them properly

When you saw a boy with snakebites, flesh tunnels and sleeves you fell in love in an instant. | 28 Secrets Former Emo Kids Won't Tell You<<< this is my life. this is actually me

28 Secrets Former Emo Kids Won't Tell You

Enjoy more at my EMO BOY DIARY. When you saw a boy with snakebites, flesh tunnels and sleeves you fell in love in an instant.

Sequined Viper Bite Corset - The Violet Vixen

Sequined Viper Bite Corset

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spiderbites... Soon n I can't wait!!

I'm not a big fan of lip piercings but I LOVE shark bites (or viper bites whatever there called)

Dieter Zorn, Snake Expert, Dies After Viper Bite During Presentation On Overcoming A Fear Of Snakes

100 Most Threatened Species Scientific Name: Aipysurus foliosquama Common Name: Leaf Scaled Sea-Snake Category: Sea snake Population: Unknown, two subpopulations remain Threats To Survival: Unknown - likely degradation of coral reef habitat