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Murdered...Two girls found dead listed Homicide

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Broadmoor hospital finally gives up its secrets

British gangsters The Kray Twins enjoying a nice cup of tea


Poor parenting leads youth to violent crime: “I think we attribute it to parents who need to pay more attention to their children,” he said. “The problem almost always starts at home.”....Young people constantly bullied by their peers will eventually act out, he said....Contrary to popular belief, research studies do not support that violent video games and media contribute to a more violent society, he said.

The war on drugs has become a war on America. What is the Problem? #Warondrugs #Infographic #Marijuana

The war on drugs has become a war on America. What is the Problem? #Warondrugs #Infographic #Marijuana

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Two genes linked with violent crime

DNA molecule computer artwork

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New York City celebrates day without violent crime

For the first time in living memory,New York has spent a day entirely without violent crime.


Violent Crime Increasing F.B.I. Says

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Fbi: Violent Crime Across Us Spiked In 2015, Murders Up Nearly 11 Percent

FBI: Violent crime across US spiked in 2015, murders up nearly 11 percent | Fox News

Still Reeling From Terror Attack, Bankruptcy, San Bernardino’s Murder Rate Now Tops Chicago The city of 216,000, which has struggled to emerge from bankruptcy and still is trying to recover from last December's terror attack that killed 14 people, is grappling with a spike in violent crime.

California City Grapples With Spike In Killings, Violent Crime - Free PLR Articles