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13 Simple Vinyl Siding Installation Tips

Installing or repairing vinyl siding on your house? A professional siding contractor shares tips to help you achieve great results.


Dear Pat: I live in an older house that has mostly wood siding but also a little vinyl siding. I want it all to match when I repaint it. Can vinyl siding be painted, and how do I go about doing it myself? -- Kat B. Dear Kat: When they installed your vinyl siding years ago, the contractor probably told you it would never need any maintenance. This is true, but the appearance of it can certainly degrade over time. The newer types of vinyl are...

How to Install Vinyl Siding

How to Install Vinyl Siding | how-tos | DIY More

How to Replace Vinyl Siding

cracked or broken vinyl siding is no reason for despair. a simple $5 tool gets the job done in 15-minutes. this article also includes some useful tips on how to get the best match possible for your original siding.


Roanoke, VA

Siding Clips so there's no news to drill or nail into siding! I may have just found the answer to half of my exterior design issues.