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from My Year With Bob

Bob and the Witches

dansing , rituell dansing, trinn som man lærer deltagere: Partisipation, løsne opp de som er uptight, forvirrede eller sjenerte. key word annike lady samedi på soho theatre -witch dance - Google Search


Vintage Witch by Claire Mojher. *Please be aware: I am a pagan and a witch and have been so for over 20 years now. I'm not "going through a phase," and I certainly don't "need to be saved." If you are offended by witchcraft, paganism, or the occult, then you would probably be happier following only the boards of mine that do not involve my spiritual beliefs. )O(. Blessed be, Julia.


Altered photo to make witches of old from Halloween Forum for Cabinet of Curiosities