Alot of work but really pretty, maybe for a nice date out if my hair was long enough!Classic Hairstyle Tutorial

Start this look by adding some mouse to wet hair and blow dry Set hair in velcro rollers Tease hair to create volume Smooth out hair and bring sides up and twist Secure with bobby pins Brush curls inward to enhance waves Pins the waves towards the neck…

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Easy Hairstyles for Work - Inspired Ponytail - Quick and Easy Hairstyles For The Lazy Girl. Great Ideas For Medium Hair, Long Hair, Short Hair, The Undo and Shoulder Length Hair. DIY And Step B(Makeup Step Messy Buns)

Elegant Retro Hairstyles for Women - Vintage Hairstyles

20 Elegant Retro Hairstyles 2017 - Vintage Hairstyles for Women

They make it look to easy, but im sure it will take half an hr to an hour getting this look lolol nooo joke!!   Crazy Retro Hairstyle Tutorials

17 Ways to Make the Vintage Hairstyles

WE could do this and tie it up with the brown paisley bandana! Crazy Retro Hairstyle Tutorials - Fashion Diva Design -girl hair styles<< This is so fantastic and cute!