my favorite toy growing up - had the wanderlust then! Vintage fisher price family camper - need for nursery

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I used to love this thing!!!! Oh man the things I wish I would have kept! Vintage Fisher Price Magic Burner Stove.

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Ahh! I don't know who had one, but I definitely remember playing with one of these when I was little!

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Fisher Price Play Desk - Our "laptop" as kids! I totally remember these!!! I wish our kids knew life this simple.

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Vintage Fisher Price Airport-I didn't have the complete set for some reason,I just had the plane.

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Little people fisher price toy - When I win the lottery (yeah, right!), I will have a room where I can display all the Fisher Price Little People I shall collect.

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Vintage Fisher Price Toys - it makes me sad that this is said to be vintage. I'm not THAT old yet....geez.

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