Vintage / Retro Flip Clock / Clocks / Mod / Mid Century / 60's / 70's / Colors: Green Orange / Yellow / cool / fun clock.

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Watch is also a noun which reminds me of time and old.

51 Display Ideas for Your Collections

Great old clocks are fun collectibles and can be found at garage and tag sales, flea markets, antique stores and almost every city across the world. Antiques Vintage Retro Recycled Home decor Recycle

cottage in black and white


Double Bell Table Clock DIY - use metal rusting techniques and design antique clock face

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Time Peace Clock | Mod Retro Vintage Decor Accessories |    Clock with flip numbers. Sweet...

Your personal space is a sanctuary, styled for serenity from the accessories on your desk to the framed designs on the wall - not to mention this cool, retro-inspired flip clock!

*Old Time

When Hamlet goes to see Gertrude in her room, and kills Polonius. The clock…

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Mias Interior: The online shop~I love old alarm clocks~didn't like to wake up to them, but love them just the same.

I would love the blue or grey one on my nightstand!

Covent Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock Covent Alarm Clock 20 Eye-Opening Alarm Clocks 25 Beautifully Designed Products This Illuminated Dry Erase Alarm Clock is Both Geeky and Cool Mid