Ville Valo: is a Finnish singer, songwriter and frontman of the Finnish rock band HIM. He has received the "Golden God" award in 2004 by the heavy metal magazine Metal Hammer. Valo has a baritone vocal range, and is one of the few singers with a 4 octave range in full voice, from F1 to F5. Valo was ranked number 80 in Hit Paraders Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time.

Day 23 (: Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous who you find attractive. Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) Ville Valo (HIM) The challenge didn’t state dead or alive SOOOO: The Rev.

Ville Valo ❤️

1991 - 2017 I love HIM because they have Ville Valo, Mige Amour, Linde Lindström, Emerson Burton and Jukka Kosmo Kröger.

ville valo  Senin yüzünden muhatabım şu salaklarla...

I wanna marry him tbh.

Ville Valo. ♥♥♥. #VilleValo #HIM #HisInfernalMajesty

I love Ville.his music, his persona, just puts me in a happy place