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Signs for our village fete games. Get in touch with for bespoke signs.

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inspired by the Elder Scrolls, LOTR, Icewind Dale, and Miyazaki movies for more art, follow me on facebook:…

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A number of pots are filled with sand.In some a coin or small prize is placed in the bottom before the sand is added so that it is completely hidden.People then choose a pot of sand which they pour through a garden riddle / sieve.If they are lucky the prize will be revealed.If not " Oh well they can always buy another pot!"

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Contours intégrés mais présents - style de colo - niveau de détail

Chocolate Throw Fundraiser Children get to throw a coin from behind a marked line, aiming at one of 6 blocks of chocolate placed on a rug on the ground. If the coin lands and stays on a block of chocolate - its theirs! (blocks are replenished once won - so there's always 6 on display to be won).

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