Viking Tunic Reconstruction Tablet Woven Trimming Based on Birka and Hedeby…

Viking Tunic Reconstruction Tablet Woven Trimming Based on Birka and Hedeby Textile Finds, Viking Clothing, Living History

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Horation is Hamlets main man. He isn't royalty, or as rich as hamlet but he is striking. I want his costume to be plain but give the impression that he is going to stick by hamlet no matter what.

Customizable Women Viking Tunic medieval fantasy by FeralCrafter

This listing is for a customizable short sleeve made to order women viking tunic. You may choose between a variety of colors and trims.The tunic is

Tutorial for a tunic

How to make a Norse(Viking) Tunic. This will be for my husband as we have decided to create Norse Personas for the SCA to start out.

Vikings History

King Harald Finehair and his younger brother Halfdan the Black, Scandinavian warriors and potential threat to Ragnar in Vikings Season ©

Do you want to make yourself some Viking garments. Here you can find lots of templates for sewing.

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

This gives a great pattern for a pattern for a viking mans shirt that does not waste fabric.

Event:  The Village Leader calls the council together                                                                                                                                                     More

Nice owl embroidery on coat Event: The Village Leader calls the council together

Tunics are just great, they cut the male form into an interesting way. It's still all about square shapes, but it's about many square shapes, instead of making folks into Tobor.

Red wool tunic decorated with quilted cut work bands and placket. Beautiful enough for a lady, but tis man's garb.


Viking coat pattern

Viking coat kaftan pattern - can be adapted to any size doll - see instructions for details on how to measure!

The holidays always seem to find me ill. This year wasn’t so bad, but I was down with a cold for over a week. I always think I’ll get some online stuff done with I’m convalescing,…

Neckline Variations from Period Sources

little reference sheet for neckline varieties from period sources before the early suitable for early period garb. In the SCA, I'm known as THL Esperanza de Navarra .