Bearded Viking Axe Helmdach | eBay. For more Viking facts please follow and check out don't forget to support and follow the original Pinner/creator. Thx

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Forging a Viking Axe | My goal was to find a procedure that could best produce my “ideal" wish-list of features in a Viking-style axe eye with fairly simple tooling.

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#19# <3 Rising early, Zavier's thirst for the hunt drove him deep into the woods of Serenity hunting for deer. His primal instincts now in overdrive, he stalked a huge buck. Within the mist of the early morning, he released the arrow from his bow. The arrow silently, swiftly pierced the buck's heart. His death was instant. Smiling too himself, he lifted the huge buck, tossing him over his shoulders. It was a good kill. It was time to return to the village to claim his prize. <3

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Viking Bearded Axe.

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