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Vija Celmins Untitled (Big Sea #2) 1969 graphite on acrylic ground on paper 33 1/2 x 44 in.

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The sky at night. So amazing I can't stretch my mind around it.

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Art Kindle: Vija Celmins

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Vija Celmins, lithograph, detail

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Vija Celmins

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like this idea but with a tree how humans destroy a tree to show it in a book

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Vija Celmins, Working Photos — from "Vija Celmins" (interviewed by Chuck Close, edited by William S. Bartman), A.R.T. Press, 1992

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Vija Celmins hand drawn

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Vija Celmins, "Web Ladder", 2010. One-plate, one-color mezzotints on Magnani Pescia Satinato bright white paper

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Vija Celmins, Heater

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