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Aug 5, 1979 South China Sea....A refugee woman cares for three small children on the replenishment oiler USS Wabash, AOR-5.... - NARA - 558538 - Vietnamese boat people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

VietKa - Archives of Vietnamese Boat People


Vietnamese Boat People and Lynn's Salon in Santa Monica, California


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This piece is dedicated to the Vietnamese boat people who had been through the unforgettable journey.


Fear and sadness mark 40th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon

Vietnamese refugees scramble from a sinking boat which they beached at Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. By mid-1979, Malaysia had so many Vietnamese "boat people" that the government refused to take in more until other countries agreed to accept the refugees.

Mien Ga Vietnamese Chicken Glass Noodle Soup

Syria crisis evokes Vietnamese boat people: Column

October 1, 2015 As world leaders debate at the United Nations this week over what to do about the largest refugee emergency since World War II, they should study the “boat people” crisis after the Vietnam War.


The flight of Vietnamese refugees began after the fall of Saigon to North Vietnam forces in 1975. An estimated 3 million, including these Vietnamese boat people arriving in Malaysia in 1978, fled in the wake of the various conflicts in Indochina. © UNHCR/8268/1978/K.Gaugler


Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam