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Tofu bánh mì with vegan Sriracha mayo

#vegan bahn mi sandwich deep-filled with tasty tofu / fresh veg / herbs and pickles. Topped with vegan sriracha mayo #glutenfree

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Roasted Eggplant Banh Mi by chocolateforbasil: A vegan version of a Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich, stuffed with roasted and marinated eggplant and fresh crisp cut veggies. #Sandwich #Eggplant #Vietnamese

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Tofu bánh mì with vegan Sriracha mayo

Tofu bánh mì with vegan Sriracha mayo is our version of this popular Vietnamese classic. It's deep-filled with tasty tofu, pickles, veggies and spicy mayo.

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Tofu bánh mì with vegan Sriracha mayo

MADE: May 2016 VERDICT: Freaking delicious. Used mushrooms instead of tofu (slow fried, coated in cornflour, fried again, put into marinade) - worked really well. (P.S. I cheated and used mayo instead of making it from aquafaba.)

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Banh mi bowls with sticky tofu

These Bank-Mi bowls with sticky tofu are a take on the traditional Vietnamese sandwich-with a twists! They're healthy, vegan, and gluten-free!

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Loaded Banh mi Sweet Potato Fries // sweet potatoes, pepper flakes, liquid smoke, soy sauce, polenta, carrots, sugar, white vinegar, vegan mayonnaise, white miso, soy sauce, lime juice, jalapeno, coriander, peanuts, lime

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