Brilliant Vietnamese General Dies at 102 - General Vo Nguyen Giap of Vietnam has died at the age of 102. A farmer's son with no formal military training, this natural strategist founded the Viet Minh, and engineered the defeat of not one but two of the western Great Powers in Vietnam.

A group of Viet Minh forces-Ho had fought against the Japanese during the war, and even though he was a known communist, American officials in the region who worked with him urged President Truman to support him. That would not happen because of the post-war focus on the growth and intent of communism.Ho seized Hanoi, threw out Bao Dai, and declared all Vietnam to be the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) as an independent nation, on September 2, 1945,

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French soldiers with captured Viet Minh, in first Indochina war. ~ Vietnam War

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French paratroopers descend on the fortified outpost at Dien Bien Phu to provide reinforcements for soldiers trying to hold out against a siege by the Viet Minh, March 16, 1954

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Viet Minh troops after capturing a French position during the First Indochina War.

The Viet Minh ended up in political control of North Vietnam, but not the south. - Three Lions / Hulton Archive via Getty Images

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vietnamwarera: “ French and Viet Minh officers discuss the withdrawal of French colonial troops after the the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, 1954. After the battle and before the French left the country, the French soldiers were allowed to by Paolo Marzioli

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