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Pictures of the day: 28 April 2014

Pictures of the day: 28 April 2014 - Telegraph Orphaned orangutans huddle together for a 'family' portrait at the Orangutan Foundation International HQ in Borneo

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Spectacular pictures of nature at its wildest, captured by the storm chasers who risk their lives to follow twisters

the video Reed Timmer & his team took of this tornado is probably my favorite tornado video of all time (: (: - at Mulvane Kansas link to video:

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Monsoon season light show.. Stay at Hummingbird Ranch Vacation House. $595~ $695 Week $2250~ $2450 Month $129 Nightly w/ 3 NT min. 520-265-3079 Enjoy the video~ 3 Ghost towns, tons of history to explore, close to "The Cochise Stronghold National Park & "The Chiricahua National Monument". Great views of both parks from our Ranch. Ground zero for "The Winter Birding Migration" 10,000 Sandhill Cranes and many other birds and animals call The Sulphur Springs Valley their home.

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Come rain or shine…a progress report on our library in Dukem

Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians Today we continued our search for a church home and this was part of the sermon. So simple but so powerful, we must be here for each other, not just ourselves.

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GoPro Taking Care Of Its Customers

I think this guy is distantly related to me- but unsure because i may have only met him once. he is still alive I think- and to be honest this is probably something he would do. (-:

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The Singing Ringing Tree at Burnley. The Singing Ringing Tree is a wind powered sound sculpture resembling a tree set in the landscape of the Pennine mountain range overlooking Burnley, in Lancashire, England. Completed in 2006, it is part of the series of four sculptures within the Panopticons arts and regeneration project created by the East Lancashire Environmental Arts Network (ELEAN).

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Black holes are sometimes described as "giant vacuum cleaners in the sky", sucking in everything around them, but this description is highly inaccurate... so a better visualization would be that of a whirlpool or tornado curling like water ... The creators Spirit Science videos just released a new video describing Nassim Haramein's work on black holes and how to properly visualize the structure of the vacuum: (post by Jamie Janover)

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Deathly ice finger caught on film

Icy Finger of Death Filmed for the First Time Like a lightning bolt hurled down from Mount Olympus, an icy “finger of death” strikes at sea life beneath the Antarctic ice shelf in what is surely one of the most jaw-dropping natural history sequences ever filmed.

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oklahoma city tornado 2013 | Dallas Fort Worth Tornadoes Touch Down Near Headquarters ...

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