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The most famous Bigfoot sighting. Image from the Patterson film. The footage has never been conclusively proven to be faked and many believe the gait and mass of the creature could not be easily fabricated.

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Clear Video of Bigfoot Filmed During Independence Day? I love the mom carrying her baby, seems so real, yet unreal too!

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M.K. Davis Releases Video Of Bigfoot Dragging Ice Chest And Opening It!

M.K. Davis Releases Video Of Bigfoot Throwing A Bottle And Making Vocalization

N.C. Man Lures Bigfoot with Candy A man that once worked as a fraud investigator claims he has captured an image of North American folklore. Mike Greene, a former chief of fraud investigation in New Jersey, claims he captured video of Bigfoot in the Uwharrie National Forest over a year ago.

Shug Jordan’s houndstooth hat is prized possession of former Auburn coed who caught it after ’69 Iron Bowl, claims it predates Bear’s | The War Eagle Reader#.UbYuVL4o601

For political reasons the BFRO won't even look at my evidence. I have video of Bigfoot and offered to show it and the location to the Florida group. They removed my offer. They only care abo...

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Bigfoot #Audio & Video: Nothing is better than photos and images except of course for audio and video of Bigfoot. We scour the web and other libraries for all footage that we can bring you of Bigfoot making it all easier for your research or curiosity.

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