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How to heat your home for just 8p a day using tealights and flowerpots

In the video, the tealights are put inside a bread loaf tin and covered with a small upside-down flowerpot.

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Stellar Diva 18" Ring Light cfl-r18 Kit - w/ Dimmer + Stand + Shotgun Microphone

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How to Improve Your Photos and Videos with Affordable Lighting

The big difference between good looking photos and video and bad ones comes down to how well things are lit. Whether you’re an amateur photographer building a home studio or a budding YouTube star, here are some simple tricks for casting the right light without spending a fortune on professional equipment.

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eBay Bargains #46 - Blogger Tool Kit

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LED Color Changing Bedroom Mood Ambiance Lighting Ready KIT with IR Remote

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LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Light Lighting Kit Photo Equipment Soft Studio Light Softbox 24"X24", AGG814 LimoStudio

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LED TAPE LIGHTING: "The LEDs are rated to last 50,000 hours; five hours of use per day translates to 27 years of maintenance-free lighting." (Lee Valley Tools Video: Installing LED Tape Lighting)

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Projection Mapped Sculpture Combines 2D, 3D, Digital, And Physical

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