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Homeschool Unit Study: Make Your Own Video Game

Is your boy crazy for video games? Use this Homeschool Unit Study to get him learning by making his own games.


What kid today doesn’t want to play video games for a living? Being a game designer or programmer is not quite as glorious and carefree as most kids imagine. However, an interest in games and programming can lead to learning many useful skills no matter what they end up doing later in life. Learning to [...]


Best programs for teaching video game design to middle school students

I am a middle school video game design teacher. The programs that I recommend have been tested for the past 2 years by my students. A will review 5 of my favorites in this article.


Need to buy this game again My absolute favourite video game, fez See : Indie Game : The Movie Nat


Sonic the Hedgehog (1991 video game) -Sega Mega Drive - came with the bundle but I was not a fan.


Does gaming mess with your head? The neurology infographic

Infographic loving Online Universities have produced another cracker. This time round we're taking a look at the neurology of gaming. Does gaming mess with