Islam PowerPoint with video clips and presenter notes is packed with maps, stunning visuals, and embedded video links, and presenter notes, everything you need to keep your students engaged while teaching Islam.  This 15 slide PowerPoint takes students to the Arabian peninsula and the birth the prophet Muhammad. Students learn about the prophet’s journey from merchant to the last prophet of God and the jihad that took place after his death. PowerPoint contains presenter notes that aid…
Inside Out Video Clips to teach feelings and emotions Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources
Inside Out Zones of Regulation PowerPoint with Video Clips! Pinned by @mhkeiger.
The Disney Pixar movie Inside Out was an instant hit at the box office. Children, teens, adults and especial counselors are drawn to the movie's relateable characters and life challenges.  As mentioned above, counselors anticipated the release of Inside
I work in teletherapy, which means that I use a computer to display my materials and activities for my students. I have a couple extremely quiet older elementary students and I decided that video was a way to engage and encourage them to answer questions and retell events. In particular I wanted them to think …
The Swann DVR-421 PenCam is a fully functional black ballpoint pen that has a hidden pinhole camera. The PenCam can take both still pictures and video clips. #CodeRedLipstick
This graphic gives a very good step-by-step for video production. One of the most important things to do when in video production is to plan well: think about lighting, sound, etc. before you start taking the video. This graphic also gives some statistics to illustrate why good video quality is important.
Renaissance and Reformation Unit Bundled includes Renaissance & Reformation PowerPoints with video clips and presenter notes. Unit also includes, warm up PowerPoints, informational text documents with questions, primary source documents, project, exit tickets, crossword review, video/video guide, and editable assessment. Everything is put together with detailed daily lesson plans. Just copy and paste to your lesson plans.
No prep fun! Simple Machines Eureka! Series Video Clips Lesson and Graphic Organizer
Early River Civilizations Powerpoint w/Video+Presenter Notes covers the first four civilizations that former around fertile river plains, It covers the civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus River Valley/Harappa, and China beginning with the Shang Dynasty.This 38 slide Powerpoint includes engaging video clips and presenter notes that aid your understanding of each slide and can act as a cheat sheet for details you may forget.
Altered States of Consciousness Unit Bundled includes Consciousness PowerPoints with Video Clips and presenter notes, worksheets/activities, warmups, projects, review crossword, videos and video guide, assessment and daily lesson plans.
During our farm unit we talked about tractors, watched video clips of them in action and made this fabulous John Deere out of a Weber grill box