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Victorian Tracks And Rails

The UK’s rail network is currently undergoing the biggest programme of modernisation since Victorian times… #TGUK #supplychain #rail #train

Kingsway Tram Tunnel, Holborn, London. In the foreground, a trolley on the tracks as well as cart, car, and foot traffic.

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SS Great Eastern: Brunel's Greatest Triumph or Folly?

Isambard Brunel was an English engineer who changed how people lived forever in the mid 19th century. He was the man who proposed the width of railroad tracks now used all over the world today (4 feet 8 1/2 inches); he dug the first rail tunnels under a river; he built the first all-metal steamships capable of crossing the Atlantic (SS Great Western) in 1838 & built the biggest ship in the world (SS Great Britain). He was considered the greatest engineer of his age. His influence is felt…