Happy 64th birthday Victoria Principal!!!!!! 01/03

Victoria Principal Photos Photos: Celebrities Outside the "Larry King Live" Studios

Shapely: Victoria is keeping herself in shape in preparation for her flight into space with Virgin Galactic

As Dallas gets a reboot, original cast member Victoria Principal, 61 , proves that some classics really don't get old...

Victoria Principal at age 61

Victoria Principal #2

Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Facelift, Botox and Neck Lift

Victoria Principal

I wonder what she would look like with her face left to age naturally I bet she would of aged gorgeously, Victoria Principal 63

Victoria Principal 2013 | 1950

Don't Miss The 50 Sexiest Women Over Victoria Principal Had Plastic Surgery? Dallas actress Victoria Principal has been laying low in Malibu for the past several years, shil.

Throwback Thursday: Jhirmack Bounce Back Beautiful Hair | - I used to stand at the mirror and toss my head to make my hair bounce back, while singing the jingle. I can still remember that song.

I want you guys to know that EVERY Throwback Thursday, I look long and hard for the iconic Jhirmack bounce back beautiful hair commercial. The one where I really decided body is what my hair needs …

Victoria Principal as Pamela Barnes Ewing in 'Dallas'

Image detail for -Victoria Principal Pamela Barnes Ewing "Dallas"

HBD Victoria Principal January 3rd 1950: age 66

HBD Victoria Principal January 3rd 1950: age 66