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Victoria principal age

Cannabis: Used to treat Queen Victoria’s menstrual cramps, morning sickness, & pain of childbirth. Sir John R Reynolds, her personal physician for 37 yrs, also used it to treat dysmenorrhea, migraine, neuralgia, epileptic convulsions, & senile insomnia. His 1890 scientific review of cannabis noted, "When pure & administered carefully, it is one of the most valuable medicines we possess." (J.R. Reynolds, "On the Therapeutical Uses and Toxic Effects of Cannabis Indica," Lancet 1 (1890)…


Queen Victoria painted by Franz Winterhalter, 1856. On 2 May she had the first sitting for the picture which was finished on the 10 May. She wrote in her journal that Winterhalter 'has done really a fine picture of me, & very like’. Originally the painting was hung above a door in the Principal Corridor at Buckingham Palace. She wears a magnificent brooch in which is set the famous Koh-i-noor Diamond. Royal Collection.


As Dallas gets a reboot, original cast member Victoria Principal, 61 , proves that some classics really don't get old...

Shapely: Victoria is keeping herself in shape in preparation for her flight into space with Virgin Galactic

The new ‘Dallas’; Victoria Principal (Pam Ewing) is missing

Victoria Principal #examinercom


Miss Marie Loftus as Principal Boy


Nyy'zai Victoria Principal Actress, Earthquake, Dallas

Victoria Principal as Pamela Barnes Ewing in 'Dallas'


Victoria was deeply attached to her husband and she sank into depression after he died, aged 42, in 1861. She had lost a devoted husband and her principal trusted adviser in affairs of state. For the rest of her reign she wore black.