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Oval head and shoulders side portrait of a boy without clothes. He has a medium length hair cut long at the neck, a receding chin, and gazes calmly ahead.

1800, Victor, the Wild Boy of Aveyron: Roger Shattuck, The Forbidden Experiment (Pocket Books, 1980).

"BETTER TIMES WILD WORLD HUMANITY THAT SAVAGERY OF HUMANITY" BY JEAN ITARD .... (Memory on the early development of Victor of Aveyron) (1801) .........

Imagine if Battles and A Lull had an illegitimate child, who was then abandoned into the wilderness. Who, according to fellow writer Jimmy Roxy, adopted the vocals of the Beach Boys. Eventually, should the child emerge and successfully avoid becoming Victor of Aveyron, you’d get Grand Rapids, Michigan’s Ghost Heart. Oh. And a timpani…that they tour with.

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"Victor, the Wild Boy of Aveyron,