A message to all bullies who treat their victim(s) like they are worthless, then play the victim when they are confronted for their abuse, and act stunned when people want to end the relationship with them.

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Yup! And they act like they didn't do a thing wrong! That's playing victim! When you say your sorry and admitted you should have went about it a different way! That's admitting to your mistake! But if your a true friend, I wouldn't of have to explain my actions anyways you should just understand!

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This post cracks me up!Not really because of what it says but who its from,the person shes become?Lets see!A cheating whore that couldnt keep her pants up and enjoy her new baby boy,like most new moms and fought to become her!Dont play victim u pos when you were the tormentor and abuser that threw it away for a guy that laughs behind your back now!What has he provided for u?Dumb bitch!

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So true !!! I've known people who always act innocent and play victims when deep down they know they have hurt people . I would never want to be like this if I did something I own up to it . Playing a victim and innocent is not fooling God.

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You don't get to force other people into making hard decisions and then play the victim when they actually do. -toby ward - Created with PixTeller

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I feel sorry for you, little do you know what goes around comes around. You play the victim so well, one day you'll realize what you've done and will only have yourself to blame.

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Story of my life... I poor out my emotions to you, you don't console me & you talk about yourself, and then when I'm upset about it, you ask what and why I'm upset. Just fuck off.

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“ Strong women don’t play victim, don’t make themselves look pitiful, and don’t point fingers. They stand and they deal. - Mandy Hale photo: Radoslaw Pujan ” Not dead yet

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