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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada Trolls Trump on Twitter. Delicious!

GLOBALIST VICENTE FOX BEGS AMERICANS TO STOP PRO-US TRUMP Fox once proposed merging U.S. into Mexico and Canada

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No! No! No!!!! FLASHBACK: Vicente Fox Proposes Merging U.S., Mexico Into One Country Fox pushed for EU-style "North American Union" where immigrants could freely flow across borders. ....My thoughts - no border - no country. Mexico has extreme, poverty. Do you know why? One of there problems are corrupt politicians just like that man above. Not good for the US.

FORMER MEXICAN PRESIDENT: ‘TRUMP IS NOT WELCOME TO MEXICO’ Vicente Fox had previously invited the presidential candidate to visit the country

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Vicente Fox Doubles Down on Trump, Drops ANOTHER F-Bomb, Refuses to Apologize "I am not going to pay for that f**king wall!"

Drunk tweets? Foul-mouthed Vicente Fox challenges Trump, ‘I’m not paying for that f**kin’ wall’

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Former Mexican president blasts Trump, says he will not pay for wall

‘I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall,’ former Mexican president Vicente Fox said in an interview with Fusion.

Ex–Mexican President Fox Trolls Trump on Twitter: “Are You a Legitimate President?”

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has not made a secret about his dislike of President-elect Donald Trump. In February, when Trump was a late night ...