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Veterinarian Meaning

How interesting! Suffixes in veterinary medicine can mean specific things. Learn those definitions here and have a better idea what's happening in each surgery without knowing anything but the surgery's name.

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What Does Your Horse’s Blood Test Mean?

Reading a blood test can be confusing. Here's a helpful infographic developed by that describes a typical blood test and what it’s results might mean for your horse. #horsehealth #infographic

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Clicker training for #dogs has become a highly popular means of training using positive reinforcement. In this article learn from a veterinarian why clicker training works, how to get started with clicker training and then how to facilitate learning through clicker training from DogHealth.Com.

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Go Stuff-It Treat Bag for Dogs

Dog food or not dog food, dogs will eat anything , but is it any good for them, no one wants a sick dog!

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Dogs Archives

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