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WASP pilot Elizabeth L. Gardner at the window of her B-26 Marauder


First African-American woman to achieve rank of major general in U.S. Army inspires many


4 Star General George Patton, US Army, Decked out with the Medals of several countries earned in two wars. Is it any wonder, Hitler, OKW & the SS feared him the most.


Civil War medals....he wore each medal with pride but there was an underlying sadness to watch brother brother fight against each other...


5 Celebrities You Won't Believe Were Badass Soldiers

Jimmy Stewart was hardcore. He was rejected from the WWII draft for being too skinny, and kept applying until he had bulked enough. The army tried to give him the celebrity treatment, have him make training films and sell bonds. He fought against it and instead became a fighter pilot, flying over 20 missions in Nazi occupied Europe. He retired a Brigadier General of the USAF. Also, he won an Oscar and starred in countless classics. Feel like a loser yet???? :)


In 1942, at the peak of his civilian career, swing era bandleader Glenn Miller decided to join the war effort during World War ll. While he was traveling to entertain U.S. troops in France, the single-engine Army Air Force UC-64 Norseman carrying Major Glenn Miller disappeared in thick fog over the English Channel and no trace of the aircrew, passengers or the plane has ever been found. Miller’s status is missing in action.


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Female WWII Pilot Is Finally Laid To Rest At Arlington National Cemetery

Elaine Harmon was a WASP — a woman flying military planes to free up a male pilot for combat. WASPs have received veteran status, but the Army had ruled their ashes couldn't be placed at Arlington.

The vietnam war started when the US intervened in the unifying election of vietnam which would have made the entire county either communist or nationalist, but the us did not want to risk that they would become entirely communist.