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123 Ideas for Character Flaws - Writers Write When you're creating characters for novels, short stories, comics, and games, you have to make sure they have flaws. Nobody is interested in perfect people. They tend to be boring.

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David Bowie: 8 January, 1947 - 10 January, 2016

David Bowie: 8 January, 1947 - 10 January, 2016 — Scriberia

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Great idea for a teen contest. Very short stories (140 characters), I would use to do this.

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Writing prompt (and is the "you" here a vampire, a human, or something else? That could affect the story too!...)

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Blackfish (2013)

Blackfish (2013). Most powerful film I've seen in a LONG time. If you ever even think about going to SeaWorld, watch this. The untold cruelty and lies will floor you. Just heartbreaking

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9 Terrific Sights That Every American Must See In London

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Charming Baker designs covers for Roald Dahl's collections of dark short stories.

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Writing short stories means beginning as close to the conclusion as possible, and grabbing the reader in the very first moments. Conserve characters and scenes, typically by focusing on just one conflict. Drive towards a sudden, unexpected revelation. By Kathy Kennedy and Dennis G. Jerz Creative Writing

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